A selection of writing on culture, the humanities, wellbeing and education—and how we bring them to bear on significant human challenges.

1. A Manifesto for Cultural Education
This essay uncovers the story behind Aldus Manutius, the Renaissance’s great printer-publisher (and our namesake). Aldus’ innovation was to realise that the printing press opened up a whole new paradigm of education—and we believe the same is true of education after the internet. But the new opportunities have not yet been taken advantage of.

2. Culture and Wellbeing: Towards a Humanistic Public Policy?  
The search for a language of human value in public policy has been ongoing for some time. But we believe it won’t be found until the lessons and language of culture and the humanities are allowed to enter government. Only culture provides us with a language of humanity, and this matters above all if we are concerned with human wellbeing.

3. Why Writing Matters
Businesses are not renowned for writing well, while governments seem to favour jargon over ease of understanding. Writing is seen by both as “wordsmithing”—that is, writing devoid of thought. Writing needs to be taken seriously again. 

Wellington, New Zealand